The Man With The Colorful Feathers



At home, almost every little kid recognizes this guy. He is the man with the colorful feathers. As a little kid, I always saw him riding his bike on my way home. His colorful outfit always caught your eye. This man is out of the usual for many reasons. First of all, no one dresses like that. Especially not in 30 degrees. Second of all, no one uses a bike to get to places. That is what I thought every time I saw him. I never understand why he dressed that way, I mean don’t get me wrong, it was very fun to look at.

I soon realized that he was representing something much bigger than what I understood at that time. He was rebelling passively for equality. This picture was taken one day in the “city”. I had never seen him in the “city” before. He is not one you would usually see. You would only see him riding his bike on the street. The funny thing is that I was waiting for him to turn around to take a picture. But, unfortunately he saw me and my camera’s reflection through the glass window and refused to turn around.

Since he seems a bit crazy, of course all parents make up crazy stories about him. We also used to make up stories about him kidnapping children. Yet, I never noticed the messages on his bike before. That day, I realized what he stood for. I wasn’t sure if I had to think he was brave and courageous or just crazy for doing it. This is in Curacao. Curacao’s population is mostly black. Our roots stem back to slavery. The inequality is quite obvious in Curacao. White people are usually well off  and black people live in poverty.

A friend also told me that her mother had stopped to ask the man why he was doing it. The man replied that he will not show his face until there is equality for black people. He sure is passionate.

The most ironic thing and probably best part of it is that, once the man with the colorful feathers was arrested. A photo was shown of him on television. He was white.


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